Hello everyone! If you have landed here it is because you would like to know who is behind Esencia Indie, well, I introduce myself, I My name is Andrea and for some time now I am dedicated to the creation of decorative objects.

Little by little the mystical world approached me and I decided to spend my time creating moon phases, which have long been used by our ancestors to guide us in different aspects of life. Today, I recreate them with much love, so that a little piece of our universe floods your houses.

In Esencia Indie, we try to make all our articles made entirely by hand, both the moons, the boxes, as the wrappers etc, .. since we try to avoid at all costs an industrialized process.

So you already know a little more history about our Little shop, we hope you are like home and if in the end you decide ... put a piece of us in your home !.

- A hug! -